How to Wear Vignettes

Vignette (vin-yet'): Vignettes are individual design pieces that interchange from one to another.


To unlock Vignette Holder, place between two fingers in one hand, use a finger from the other hand and find the small ball on the top latch of the holder and flip up and back to open. (Try opening and closing the Vignette Holder a few times to get the hang of it.)


Slip the ring of the selected vignette between the top and bottom plate of the opened holder. (Note: the ring is just resting inbetween.)


Now click the latch down firmly. The latch will hold the vignette ring securely in place. Make sure to press hard enough to hear the click.

Reminder: When opening the holder with a vignette already in place, make sure to not pull down on the vignette when trying to open the holder. This will make it harder for the latch to release. Let the vignette hang freely and use your fingers on the holder and flip the latch up and back.